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Complex Needs

Complex Care is a catch-all term used to describe care in the home which caters to the needs of people living with complex health conditions and as a result require higher levels of nursing-led care to give them the full support they require to live a full and healthy life.

R & L Healthcare have extensive knowledge and experience in the delivery of complex home care, particularly in the treatment and/or use of:

  • Nippy Clearway
  • Cough Assist
  • Laerdal Suction Units
  • Nebuliser
  • Peg Feed
  • Invasive Bowel Therapy
  • Continence and Colostomy care


Each complex care client has a unique set of requirements and needs based on their conditions.

Those affected by complex conditions will often rely on specialist equipment such as ventilators, colostomy bags, PEG feeding tubes and lift transfers.

R & L Healthcare are equipped with highly experienced staff, able to to provide a one-to-one service enabling our complex care clients to remain in their own homes with the greatest possible degree of independence. This experience sets us aside from most other home care agencies and is what we believe to be our specialty.