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Palliative & End of Life Care

R & L Healthcare provide a nurse led, professional, high quality service for people requiring palliative or end of life care. Our services enable the individual to stay at home with familiar surroundings, possessions, friends, and relatives around them.

We provide a complete care service in accordance with the person’s assessed needs and more importantly, their wishes and choices about their care, including their likes and preferences.

Our care is person centered to meet individuals’ care needs, ensuring dignity and privacy while continuing to provide quality care to the individual and their carers.

The needs of the person’s family and carers are also taken into consideration and they are supported by our staff during what can be a very difficult time for them.

We aim to maintain the best possible quality of life for our service users, with dignity and self respect, ensuring that they live as independently as possible, but with the practical care they need.

What is Palliative Care?

“Palliative Care is an approach that improves the quality of life of people and their families facing the problems associated with life threatening illness..” (WHO 2002)

“…the active, holistic care of people with advanced, progressive illness.” (NICE guidelines)

Palliative care may not initially mean ‘end of life’ stage, it refers to an untreatable condition which can progress to become ‘end of life’ stage at some point.

People with palliative care needs usually have an untreatable, progressive condition, not necessarily due to cancer. Their health is foreseen to deteriorate, although it is difficult to put a time scale on how rapidly this will occur.

They may well eventually require End of Life Care.

End of Life Care

The aim of care for a person as they approach the end of their life, is to enable them to maintain the best quality of remaining life possible by:

  • Offering comprehensive holistic assessments in response to their changing needs and preferences
  • Providing support to minimise pain and other symptoms
  • Ensuring the dignity of the person at all time
  • Offering support for them to make decisions over their care.
  • Offering the opportunity to develop a personalised care plan for current and future support and care.
  • Enabling them to die where they choose
  • Being aware of of the client’s cultural and religious needs, and arranging psychological, spiritual, religious support as required
  • Providing support for the person’s family and carers
  • Although we will be providing direct care to the individual we will be aware of the affects of the person’s condition on family, friends or carers during what can be a difficult time.

Complex care

People with Complex care needs have both complex health and care needs. This may be due to multiple different medical conditions or to a single condition which is progressing or deteriorating. This may become palliative and eventually  ‘end of life’ stage.

The aim of complex care is the achievement of the best quality of life for the individual and their families. Our aim is to provide the best care for them so that they can achieve this and, maintaining their dignity, be comfortable and secure, in their own home.

Due to their challenging and potentially changing condition, their care needs may also change. We aim to reassess these needs as necessary and we have the flexibility to adjust the person’s care plan appropriately.

We’ve provided care of ventilated customers in their own home for a number of years. During this time we’ve put together care programmes for those living with a whole range of conditions.

.For more information about our Complex Care services, please click here.

Our company focuses on helping clients to reach their full potential and helping to promote their independence. To ensure this is achieved, our care plans are carefully written in conjunction with the client and their families or representative by our trained Registered Managers who will ensure they are outcome based and person focused.